Visit Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s House

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The ‘’Atatourk’’ museum is a museum of Thessaloniki which is housed at the building where Moustafa Kemal was born. Moustafa Kemal, Turk military officer and politician, was the founder of Turkish’s democracy as well as its first president . According to modern historians, Kemal is considered one of the most significant figures that influenced the 20th century. For that reason people called him ‘’Atatourk’’ which means ‘’the father of Turks. He was born in Thessaloniki in 1881 and died at Istanbul in 1938.

Atatourk museum is located in Apostolou Pavlou street , behind the Turkish Consulate. In 1935 the building was granted by the city council to the Turkish government and was turned into a museum. In 1981 the building was repainted in its original color, pink. It is a two-storied building. The first floor holds the living room, the kitchen, the sitting room and Kemal mother’s bedroom. At the second floor there is the room in which Kemal was born. Most of the furniture are authentic while others were replaced with furniture taken from Kemal’s mausoleum and ‘’Top Kapi’’ in Istanbul . Visitors are able to see many photos hanging at the walls, that pictures many aspects of ‘Mustafa’s life.


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