Cabana Beach

Dreaming of a less ordinary summer? Enter Cabana and escape in the eternally sunny side of life. Get ready to indulge in the various charms of this extraordinary destination. Spend your days by the sea, relaxing in comfortable sunbeds, swimming in crystal clear waters, tasting delicious culinary creations and refreshing cocktails, and enjoying a wide range of upgraded services! Located in the amazing beach of Paliouri, Chalkidiki, this is the place that will add that wow factor to every single moment of your precious summer vacation.


Upgraded services

Release your senses

Ready to set off for an amazing journey in a seductive universe of aromas, colors and exotic sensations? Immerse yourself in our “Release Your Senses” Lounge and add an ethnic and extraordinary touch to your beach life.  Expect a huge variety of exciting flavors to choose from and a truly premium service that will simply make your senses fly.



You ‘ve got the sea, you ‘ve got the sun, what else could you possibly ask for? Well, how about a unique sense of total relaxation, offered to you by the experienced hands of some of the best massage therapists? Whether you opt for a relaxing, a deep tissue or an athletic massage, or you choose to feel the beneficial touch of reflexology, lemfo and shiatsu, one thing is certain; this is the kind of special treat that you just can’t miss.


Sushi & Cocktails

Consider yourself warned! It is hard to resist to our exceptional culinary and bar service; ultra delicious sushi bites and premium signature cocktails. Our executive chef Aries Mamaril along with our expertised bartenders, give their best to excite your palate and oh- do they get the job done!

“Cabana Beach” – Akti Xenia, Paliouri, Chalkidiki – T: 0030 6955 698 151
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Cabana Beach

Προνομιακά τοποθετημένο στο Παλιούρι της Χαλκιδικής, το Cabana Βeach έρχεται να προσθέσει σε κάθε στιγμή των καλοκαιρινών σας διακοπών, ακριβώς ό,τι χρειάζονται για να γίνουν αδιάκοπα… συναρπαστικές. […]

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