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T: 2310 540913
2, Paikou Str, Thessaloniki

The coffee shop which 15 years ago started the return of the neighborhood of historical Fragomahalas to the life of Thessaloniki.

One of the best known coffee shops-taverns of the city, beloved not only by locals, but Greek and foreign visitors, it stood out even from its first steps for its aesthetic, its style and its cuisine. Coffee, appetizers and other dishes, spirits and cocktails and every kind of quality music, which now and again plays live.

4 Epohes is there from the morning coffee until the following dawn. In the small characteristic alley of Paikou and its dreamy arcade, out of the glorious market of the past, taking you back to another time. Prioritizing on quality, natural ingredients and small producers, and with a contemporary look on old recipes of the traditional Greek cuisine, along with aromas from the East, and not only that: pitas, garlic breads, fava beans, mushrooms, falafels, Mitilini olive-cured cheese, feta, goat’s cheese, omelettes, dakos, and other rich salads, but also more and various meats. And also wines, tsipouro, ouzo, and various cold Greek beers, perfect home-made lemonade.

Tuesday vinyl nights are really a must.

In Thessaloniki the concept of classic is intertwined with few hangouts. 4 Epohes is one of them.


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