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T: 2310 532 800
BRIZOLA Steakhouse
18, Nik. Mantzarou & 2, Kotta Roulia Str, Thessaloniki (next to One Salonica Outlet Mall)

Offering the most delicious steaks from all around the world, carefully chosen appetizers & garnishees, and great variety of premium wines, BRIZOLA promises a unique ‘taste & feeling” experience, just right at the western entrance of Thessaloniki.

The menu

Brizola’s cuisine promises unparalleled tasting experiences, offering exquisite, dry aged meats from around the world -Black Angus, Galicia Bretagne, Wolowina, Wagyu- in premium cuts such as Picanha, T-bone, Tomahawk Rib Eye, Fillet etc.

Carefully cooked in a wood-fired oven, our meats are accompanied by delicious side dishes as well as the finest labels of Greek wines from the rich Brizola cellar.

The environment

In Brizola’s high-ceilinged room, industrial design dominates, while the atmosphere exudes something of the mysterious nature of the Middle Ages… Impressive is the imposing, magnificent wooden door, around 200-400 years old, as well as the famous self-portrait of ‘El Greco’. Weather permitting, Brizola returns into its refreshed terrace, a true work of art, overlooking the sunset behind the city’s industrial rooftops.

Facebook: brizolathessaloniki

Instagram: brizola_restaurant

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