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T: 2310 555223
3, Ionos Dragoumi Str, Thessaloniki

A journey in the wonders of Greek hospitality. A modern café-restaurant, which loves this country’s traditional cooking, music and favourite habits, and reinterprets them in its own unique way.

This is Mamalouka. A successful marriage of attitudes, inspirations and delightful ingredients. A naturalistic and simple space, where all the goods of the world are served on the table, causing an unquenchable thirst for life. A crossroads of tastes, people and experiences, which fills our days and nights with “soul”, above all serving food for the soul.

In the world of Mamalouka, raw ingredients are fresh and prime, and the inspiration comes mainly from Greece and the luscious and wondrous products of the Greek land. The local cuisine, in its simplest while also staggering version, is the star of the show. From time to time, though, it likes to “travel” in search of something different. It draws inspiration from the variety of flavours of the Spanish tapas bars, the classy touches of a French bistro, the atmosphere of a New York club-restaurant. Despite its wandering disposition, it retains its Greek authenticity at its core! It is not only its dominant flavourful features that give away its Greek identity. It is mainly the way… it “speaks” to our taste buds. So, every meal becomes a real feast for the senses, a reason to meet at the bright side of life.


Do you have… the occasion? We have the way to flavor every kind of event as you dream it. In a space where a simple every day meeting can become the cause for a spontaneous and fascinating celebration, the arranging of any kind of event is our favourite challenge. Talk to us. We are here to give “soul” to your most important moments.

In Mamalouka, every professional meeting can be a success! While you are talking business and closing new deals with your esteemed associates, our chef makes sure you will have a unique tasting experience, which will fulfill all your expectations.

We know that the success of every occasion lies in the details. So, we make sure to meet the requirements for an unforgettable event. From the menu and the wine list to serving, from the raw ingredients to the last touches, everything is meticulously designed to leave the best of impressions.

We are the soul of the moment, no matter the occasion.

A newborn, a birthday or nameday celebration, a bachelor party, a wedding, a graduation or simply an accidental meeting, of those which remind us that life is beautiful, and becomes even better with the grapevine… nectar, which brings to light all the hidden secrets of the soul.




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