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T: 2313011967
32, Irodotou Str, Ano Poli, Thessaloniki

Perhaps the oldest tavern of the city, established in 1914, it is included in all the great international tourist guides, such as Lonely Planet, with excellent ratings from everyone who has tried its food. It is located in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Ano Poli, close to the Church of Saint Nicholas Orphanos, accessible by foot from the city center.

Great Greek food, with a specialty in casserole and roast dishes, as the cooks explore and perfect traditional cooking methods. The contemporary version of the oldest recipes is always based on pure products of Greek origin, pure meat, seasonal vegetables and aromatic herbs from their own herb pots.

The greatest influence on traditional Greek cooking has most definitely been the East. Ideas, spices, ingredients are mixed in the pots and pans of our kitchen, providing a result which creates its myth. Here in its glorification.

This great cuisine is enjoyed in the unique surroundings of an old Greek coffeehouse, in a neighborhood which looks like a scenery out of another time.

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