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To Oreon Depo
18, Vafopoulou Str

Beautiful Depot” is the name of our cafe-grocery cooperative. For those who want to give their Greek a try it is written “Το Ωραίον Ντεπώ” and pronounced “toh oraeon depot”. The non-profit cooperative brought together people from different backgrounds who share a love for this southeastern neighbourhood of Thessaloniki, locals call Depot, and a firm belief in the core values of collective work ethic, social economy and solidarity.

“Beautiful Depot” is supplied directly by local producers, farmers, their cooperatives and, whenever this is not possible, by local or cooperative distributors. Our coffee is similarly imported from independent small-scale coffee producers cooperatives in Latin America and Africa.

Patrons of “Beautiful Depot” enjoy our delicious as well as economical beverages, drinks and “mezedes” (traditional snacks) which are based on foods and liquors carefully selected for their: exceptional quality, fair price, environment-friendly production and distribution, and full respect for workers/producers’ rights. All products served in the cafe (and a lot more) are also available for purchase in the adjacent grocery run by our cooperative.

Our fully fledged programme of events organized by or hosted in “Beautiful Depot” includes exhibitions, debates, screenings, literature reading groups, wine tastings, producers’ presentations, handicraft courses, and special evenings.

The cooperative is a member of social economy and solidarity networks, partakes in collective/cooperative initiatives and takes local/regional cultural and social actions. Locally our actions include exploring, studying and promoting the cultural, social and economic history of Depot and its people. We act for the benefit of the environment, the producer, the worker and the people and against private and corporate profit. “Beautiful Depot” operates collectively and on the basis of consensus building. There is no hierarchy and there are no employers or employees. We support and cooperate with communities and collectives which share the same values.


* Depot is the southeastern neighbourhood of Thessaloniki, bordering Kalamaria. Depot takes its name from the days of Ottoman Thessaloniki. The Belgian company (Compagnie des Tramways et d’ Éclairage Electrique de Salonique) which operated the first tram network in the town, commissioned Italian architect Pierro Arrigoni to build their tram depot and other company buildings in this area of Thessaloniki. The depot was build in 1895 (now protected as cultural heritage building) and the area was thereafter commonly known as “Depot”.

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