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T: 2310-540284
Zithos in Ladadika
5, Katouni Str, Ladadika, Thessaloniki

Zithos Restaurants operates two restaurants in Thessaloniki , both of them setting the standard for the outstanding culinary tradition of the city.

Zithos began in a traditional building at the historic area of Ladadika in Thessaloniki, an area that escaped the big fire of 1917 . The establishment of Zithos looks to be the cause for the reincarnation of the area at the final reformation of 1997 in the frame of Thessaloniki being the cultural capital in Europe.

And while the whole of Thessaloniki is talking about Zithos in Ladadika the company sets its sights at one of the most historic checkpoints of cultural, political and economic nature and people who represent those in the city. Historical Cafe Dore, opened in 1917 in the heart of the city and was almost abandoned , its rebirth doesn’t take long with the creation of ZITHOS-DORE, in 1995, that drives to the reinstatement of the city center in the “arms” of the White Tower.

In Zithos’s menu you can look, from 1990, Lamb Kebabs, Itsch Pilaf, Santorini’s traditional tomato burgers or Chocolate Gateaux and Dondurma Ice Cream.

Through the year you can find special seasonal menus, fresh fish and seafood and incredible fasting dishes for all Mediterranean cultures.

“Zithos” in Greek language means Beer so its not so unexpected to find here all the flourishing Greek Microbreweries. Ale, Stout, Pilsner and Weiss, ten of them draft and more than 60 in bottles.

Along with the beers you can find Ouzo and Tsipouro and a special selection of Greek Wines.

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Zithos Ladadika , 5 Katouni str. +2310 540284

Zithos Dore , 7 Tsirogianni str. +2310 279010


Fb1: www.facebook.com/Zithos.Restaurants

Fb2: www.facebook.com/Zithos.Ladadika

Instagram: www.instagram.com/zithos


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