Honey is a scented material, viscous and sweet, made of nectar from flowers. Nectar is being collected by bees, where they convert it into a thicker liquid used as their primary food source and store it inside their honeycombs.
Ancient Greeks believed that nectar was the food of the immortal Olympian gods. Zeus was raised by a nymph named Melissa, who nursed him with honey. Hippocrates, known as the “Father of Medicine”, recommended honey as the cure to many diseases, same as Aristotle who believed that honey results in living longer.

Greek honey is known that transcends in organoleptic ingredients (scent, flavor, density) over honeys from other countries due to the sunshine and terrain of Greece. Main factor is Greece’s tremendous flora, with variety of flowers, herbs, and trees. In its natural environment there are approximately 1000 unique species of plants which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Both in Thessaloniki and in Chalkidiki there are numerous beekeepers (both individuals and associations) who produce honey of excellent quality. Taste Greek honey, the food of gods!