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T: 2311-242382
6, Georgiou Stavrou Str, Thessaloniki

“Dot2dot” is a cultural company that organizes themed walks and alternative tours in Thessaloniki and nearby archaeological sites. The different educational backgrounds and expertise of its members– archeologists, tourist guides, art historians, graphic designers, special educators – are combined with all the necessary interactive means in order to create activities and events that are accurate, educational and hands – on, providing the audience with engaging experiences. Through monuments and human stories the past is closely connected with the present and the history of a multifaceted city like Thessaloniki is unraveled.


Suggested walks

A 2.300 year-old city: monuments from different time periods, from Thessaloniki’s creation to its recent past, are connected in a walk and tell us the story of a multicultural city.

The traditional settlement of AnoPoli (the Upper City): one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city, with its stone-paved alleys and the breathtaking view, still retains its original character as a Turkish residential area but hides many more secrets…

The Ottoman Thessaloniki: covering almost five centuries of its history, the city’s Ottoman past is depicted in almost every street and “transfers” us back, at a time when Thessaloniki had an original oriental character.


– For more themed walks you can check our website:

– We can create walks and activities especially for you, in order to match your needs and interests. Feel free to contact us!


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