Strolling to Thessaloniki

Popi was born and raised in Thessaloniki in 1973 and her parents are from Istanbul. She studied art conservation and she is collaborating with the Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki and with the Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation. She speaks English and Turkish.

At 2003 she started traveling and working at Istanbul in multiple charity foundations as an art conservator. From 2008 until today she is cooperating with various travel agencies from Thessaloniki working as a chief in educational and recreational organized trips to Istanbul.


At the same time she volunteered in various cultural committees of the former municipality of Triandria and was in charge of photography and painting lessons organized by the municipality.

She loves walking in the city, discovering new sights and bits of Thessaloniki’s history.

She is definitely the best companion if you want to get the feel of the city. Her love for Thessaloniki is “contagious”.


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Mobile: 0030 6974 048 268

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